ERASMUS + PROGRAMME 2015-1-RO01-KA219-015009_1 PROJECT



Coordinator: Tatiana Mărăndici

IT Responsible: Farcașanu Antoanela

Monitoring Responsible: Mărgărit Marius

Member: Conea Daniela

Member: Tulugea Ana Maria

Member: Barbu Marcela

Financial Responsible: Fulgescu Luminița


Anna Andreasson (religion, history, art, information technology)

Josefin Meral (English, French)

Sabina Alnegren (natural science)

Therese Westbye (Swedish, geography, history)

Agneta Areschoug (economics, leadership, accounting, marketing, business law)

Anders Johansson (economics, accounting, business law, social studies)

Ann-Christine Andersson (physical education)

Helena Hellman (Swedish, rhetoric, Spanish)

Ulf Stöckel (social studies, history)

Anna Maderner (international coordinator)


Team coordinator: Davinia Regal

Communication and Evaluation: Carmina Colomina and Davinia Regal

Activities Organization: Paula Calvo, Carmina Colomina and Davinia Regal

Difusion, Publicity and Economy: Olga Ferris and Mayte Martin

Travelling arrangements: Arantxa Gorbe and Susana Sanchis


Gulșah Yuguranlar - contact person, communication and evaluation, activities organization, publicity and economy, travelling arrangements

Leman Kurtkovan - communication and evaluation, activities organization

Ersan Karatașli - activities organization, publicity and economy, travelling arrangements

Turan Aktaș - activities organization

Ibrahim Kidali - travelling arrangements

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